Not going to get any better!

A few years back right after I released my last $Greed$ album. I was involved in a major car accident and unfortunately my hand was crushed between my chest and the steering wheel, which pretty much severed my right pinkie finger from the bone right before the knuckle. If I hadn’t been wearing my seat belt my entire hand would have looked like that one finger! I was devastated and wondering if It was going to effect my ability to play the piano and guitar. I had surgery to re-attach the finger which required 5 screws and a titanium plate. It took over a year of physical therapy just to get the finger to bend a little and it still causes me a lot of pain to this day when I use it. I would say I am somewhere around 80% now as far as recovery and at this point I am figuring it isn’t going to get any better. This is just one of those unfortunate things in life but I am thankful because I know it could have been a lot worse. I am finally starting to get back into playing and recording music again but I am taking it slow. I am going to start working on some new songs and see where it takes me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.