About $GREED$

$GREED$ (AKA: Simon Le Greed) is a Heavy Metal band originally formed by Robert Wright in 1992.

The guitarist and vocalist Robert Wright after leaving the band Malteze in late 1989 wrote a set of 8 songs and began the search for musicians for the project over a 2 year span while learning to sing while playing guitar. In early 1992, Dave Carruth joined up after being the founding member of and spending several years playing lead guitar for the metal band Bitch. Dori Chitayat (our first drummer) joined just after Dave and played for about a year until he made the decision to leave in favor of playing a more technical style of music. Jim Parris, our first bass player, quit a few months before Dori’s departure due to not being into the L.A. club scene. Scott Truelove (drummer) joined the band in early 1993 and picked up the songs right away.

When the band Dead Jester split up, (guitarist\vocalist) Jerry Sandeen decided to fill in playing bass for Simon Le Greed in early 1993. Simon Le Greed played a large number of clubs in the Hollywood and L.A. area with great reviews and recorded several multi-track demo tapes. With Robert getting side-tracked by work and family obligations, the band ran into trouble in mid-1994. Scott quit the band in late1994. The band got a new drummer a few months later, further changing by renaming itself GREED seeing as that is what most people called the band anyway. Unfortunately the band had lost it’s momentum by then and broke up in mid 1996 due to Robert’s personal obligations and Jerry leaving the band. Robert says “Greed’s biggest problem over it’s 4 year run as a LA club band was musician turnover. 3 Bass players and 3 Drummers over a 4 year period of time! Every time the band would break in a new bass player, the drummer would quit or visa versa. This made it very difficult to keep the band in the spotlight because we were always having to take 3-6 months off to find and get the new member up to speed. Dave Carruth and myself were the only consistent members of the band. We had really good songs, enthusiastic fans and minor record label interest but Dave was not interested in signing a minor label deal seeing as his previous band Bitch was on a minor label and he didn’t feel the minor labels would be able to give us the support he thought we deserved. I do miss playing live and the fan fair after the shows but I defiantly don’t miss the drama and the constant search for like minded musicians. I always felt guilty about the way the band ended because Dave was a great guy and musician. He always put the band first and had dedicated 4 years of his life to Greed. In the end with the new emerging alternative music/Pop Punk scene crushing the metal scene and my obligations as a husband and father, it just seemed like a break was needed.”

In 1999 Robert started recording music again and began using the name $GREED$ when he started posting Metal songs to MP3.com (Check the number 4 spot on the charts). There was already a Rap artist using the name Greed on MP3.com at that time, so Robert added the dollar signs to the band logo to avoid any confusion. Robert has continued to write, record, and distribute songs as $GREED$ (and his industrial/Electronic project Digital Pump) since that time.