Better Late Than Never

Was released by $GREED$ in the beginning of 2017 and it consists of 10 songs written between 1987 and 1994. The genre of these songs varies from Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal. Robert says “When most of the songs were first written back in 1992 my goal was to have a well rounded show/album and I wanted to make sure no 2 songs sounded similar. It took around 6 months part time in the studio to record and engineer the tracks. The final mastering took a few weeks. All the songs on the album were written, performed and engineered by me with the exception of Anthem and Coming Down which were co-written by my good friend and former band mate Marc Cornelius. Back up vocals on Anthem were done by my son and daughter Sean and Victoria Wright”. For the recording I used an American made 1979 B.C. Rich Mockingbird with an old Seymour Duncan Invader active pickup through a Line 6 Pod Pro Rack with a T.C. Electronic M300 effects processor, 1999 Ibanez SR 400 bass through a T.C. Electronic C300 Compressor. Vocals were done with a real Octavia 319 vocal Microphone and a T.C. Helicon Voice Live Pro Rack. Multi-tracking done with Acid-Pro and Mastering was done at LANDR.

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